Static site generation attempt 2

Looks like I was wrong about static site generators. There's a bit of learning curve, but after figuring out the templating language and how to get latex working, I realize the value of such tools. I'll continue to use tiddlywiki, but not to host a blog. A 3 mb html file seems irresponsible to host, considering most of the world does not enjoy low cost bandwidth yet. Now, unless I invent more problems for myself, I should get on with whatever I was procrastinating from.

What kind of software should I write?

  • I think I was supposed to write a discord bot that keeps track of whether members in a channel attempted problems on leetcode.
  • data mining is always a good hobby
  • Now that I have done something with the titanic dataset from kaggle, I should try looking at other data
  • What about a hugo shortcode for embedding jupyter notebooks?
    • That's silly. Just export the notebook to html and host it. Or link from github.

What tools should I use?

  • I know python, I'll use that
  • I know Java, I don't want to use that
  • I know javascript, but I dont want to deal with nodejs dependencies
  • I'm trying to learn rust, but its quite the steep learning curve
  • I'm trying to learn go, I just need to block out the mascot